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0015968ScribusUser Interfacepublic2020-11-02 18:28
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PlatformUbuntuOS Version19.10 
Product Version1.5.5 
Summary0015968: Disabled and enabled icon in dark mode look the same
DescriptionWhen using Breeze theme with dark icon, the disabled icon on toolbar look the same as the enabled ones which makes the work disturbing and I should hover my mouse on each icon to see if it's enabled or not.
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2019-11-28 12:54


Screenshot_20191128_134814.png (58,556 bytes)   
Screenshot_20191128_134814.png (58,556 bytes)   

Luna Nightshade

2020-11-02 18:28

reporter   ~0048297

Is it possible to load a different graphic, if the icon is disabled? (either use a different folder, or prepend a short "DISABLED" to the icon's filename?)

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