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0015971ScribusImport / Exportpublic2019-11-28 13:45
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Summary0015971: preflight verifier: do not or differently warn when the target is PDF x-1a and there are RGB images / colors
Descriptioncurrently, if the target is PDF x-1a and the preflight verifier detects an RGB color it shows an error.
but -- since the color management must be enabled -- scribus will correctly take care of the conversion to CMYK during the export to pdf.

of course, the color will be changed during the export, but this is to be expected, when the color management is enabled and the color space of color or images does not match the output one.

if we really want to warn the user, the message should rather be that the item might not look the same in the output.

the current message is for sure wrong (or misleading) and the user will think that the pdf created will be invalid. which is not true.
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2019-11-28 13:45

developer   ~0047157

This also happens even if PDF output is PDF1.4
IMO there are 2 sorts of warning :

1) when scribus will convert
a) Warning should only be there when scribus converts the RGB to CMYK, which happens only for some PDF versions (not sure which one : at least pdfx1a).
b) Warning text should warn that "image color space conversion is required by the choosen output PDF version and some colors could be altered"

2) when scribus will not convert
maybe scribus could warn that depending on the later press workflow, some color could be altered ?

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