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0016006ScribusGeneralpublic2020-04-05 19:37
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Summary0016006: libpoppler crashes Inkscape
DescriptionNot sure where best to report this but we recently upgraded desktops to Xubuntu Bionic.

We use both the Inkscape and Scribus PPAs

We experienced instant crashes in Inkscape when trying to import PDFs and EPS files.

After a lot of hunting about we found these bugs:

Its seems this is due to an issue with the version of poppler that you supply in your PPA.

Scribus PPA: 0.74.0-0ubuntu1.2~ppa1
Downgrade to: 0.74.0-0ubuntu1.2~ppa0

We removed the Scribus PPA, downgraded Scribus and poppler, and Inkscape worked perfectly thereafter.
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2019-12-12 17:26

manager   ~0047256

the problem is known and the person in charge is notified and is thinking about a solution:

in this specific case, the best place for the report would have been the debian bug tracker, but i don't think that further actions are now necessary.


2019-12-12 18:02

reporter   ~0047260

Ah yes - thanks.


2019-12-12 18:02

administrator   ~0047261

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>> Its seems this is due to an issue with the version of poppler that you supply in your PPA

The Scribus PPA is not managed by Scribus team, so the debian or ubuntu bug tracker would have indeed been a better place to report this issue.


2019-12-15 16:36

administrator   ~0047272

Resolving per previous comments

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