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0016015ScribusGeneralpublic2019-12-20 17:34
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Summary0016015: How to add undo to SearchReplace::doReplace() / StoryText::replaceSelection()?
Descriptionwhile applying the formatting uses ScribusDoc functions that implement the undo steps, replacing text goes directly to the StoryText and both text/storytext.cpp and ui/search.cpp do not have (yet) any undo related code.

if i want to add support for undoing the text replacement, should i add a function

ScribusDoc::itemSelection_ReplaceText(const QString& newText, Selection* customSelection)

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2019-12-20 17:34

manager   ~0047302

a reply to this is still pending...
the current code does not contain the undo for text replacement, so if it's not in 0014567 it's not a regression... but it would be nice to have in there...

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