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0016019ScribusUsabilitypublic2019-12-18 14:28
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Summary0016019: text flow – don't scale the offset of a contour line when scaling an object
Descriptionwhen scaling an object with an extended contour line scribus scales the offset of the contour line with the object.
in the real page layout work the offset should be kept nominally instead of percentually. (as 3mm or 1/8" instead of 6%)

this should be easy to realize for rectangles.
for free forms there may be no better way than to keep it proportionnal without kompletely rethinking the whole task.

the best (most user friendly) way would be to define a 'real' offset from the contour line (or a clipping path) instead of moving the contour line.
this would work for rectangles and free forms. the contour line would be scaled with the image and the text flow could be kept at a distance (i.e. 3mm or 1/8") from this line.
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