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0016029ScribusGeneralpublic2020-04-05 19:37
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Summary0016029: on linux disable/remove the menu "help > check for updates" and the tab "about > updates"
Descriptionon linux, if scribus is installed through the package manager, it should be updated through package management commands and scribus should not offer other ways for updating scribus.

at first i wanted to suggest a cmake option to disable or remove those two items.
but currently they seem to be relevant only for the official macos and windows builds: i would suggest that they are opt-in at compile time (that is: only releases and snapshots that are on sourceforge should have it activated; all other builds should probably not).
(for all "other" people compiling scribus, those entries make little sense and might be misleading: what is it supposed to do on a self compiled scribus? currently i have fairly up to date scribus trunk and the dialog says that on there is a newer built... no, there isn't any!)

i suggest

- only add the menu entry "help > check for updates" if in the official builds on sourceforge.
- disable the content of the "update" tab in the "help > about scribus" by default (and only enable it in the official builds mentioned above).
- once this is done, get feedback from the linux and appimage (and other) maintainers and check if there is a way to provide useful ad hoc information in the "update" tab and maybe allow them to inject it at compile time.

for now i suggest adding:


with a default to "no".
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2020-01-07 09:28

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mapreri suggests:

Probably, rather than removed it could be reworded to mention to check
with your package provider to see whether there is an update available
from them. Keeping it might be useful information to the user, if


2020-01-08 13:36

manager   ~0047323

currently the content is fetched from the scribus site.

i guess that linux distribution, if they want to show some content, are better served by a static text provided in the package.

personally, i tend to favor a removal of the update information when scribus is installed through a package manager... but i'm fine with an ad hoc message.

currently, i've only seen two users who were puzzled by the update tab, so it does not hurry.

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