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0016052ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-02-20 15:49
Reporterutnik Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016052: complex text frames (from combined polygons) show strange artefacts.
Descriptiontext frames with 'holes' (like converted letters with counters) can't be fully filled with text. some areas won't accept any text. (see screenshot.)
the same frames don't show any such problem when converted to (and used as) image frames.
Steps To Reproduce- draw two different shapes (i.e. a bigger and a smaller rectangle)
- select both of them and combine them with 'item' → 'path tools' → 'path operations' → 'subtract' (you'll get a complex frame with a hole in it.)
- convert the object into a text frame and fill it with text

there are some areas without text. (strange path connections between the two original shapes.)
the same problem appears when you convert text (or just one letter with a counter, like A, B, D, R…) to outlines and then to a text frame. the counters (holes in the frame) don't behave as they should.

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2020-02-17 18:23


complex_text_frame.png (142,384 bytes)   
complex_text_frame.png (142,384 bytes)   


2020-02-17 18:40

updater   ~0047399

the same behavior in scribus 1.4.8 and with 'complex' shapes created with inkscape and imported as .svg files.


2020-02-17 20:08

developer   ~0047400

I can reproduce in Linux Mint 19.x and Scribus 1.5.6svn


2020-02-20 14:22

administrator   ~0047416

I see where the problem is. Unfortunately at this point it looks like fixing this issue will need some quite extensive modifications.


2020-02-20 15:49

updater   ~0047417

in this case, the way to go is (for the time being) to split the polygons and let the text in the outer one flow around the smaller (inner) shapes. not that problematic, but not as elegant as if the problem could be entirely solved…

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