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0016059ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-05-20 12:59
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version1909
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016059: Unable to select all the Overflow Characters in a text frame
DescriptionScribus is not allowing to select all the Overflow Characters in a text frame. In Indesign this is possible using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+End. This will select all the characters from the cursor position to the End of the Text Frame.
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2020-05-08 16:44

administrator   ~0047605

In latest build, typing CTRL+A while in text edit mode will in fact select all text in the chain, that means also overflow characters.


2020-05-08 17:12

manager   ~0047606

hi sreerajp

if your aim is to put somewhere (the most likely option being another text frame) the text that is overflowing, scribus already has a workflow that is IMO better than a dedicated shortcut / feature.

how can you do that?

- select the overflowing frame
- press n (or activate the linking tool)
- create a new frame that will contain the overflowing text
- separate the two frames while keeping the text in place (it's in the items menu... or use the "u" key)

if you really wanted to have the text in the clipboard, you can then press the "e" key and ctrl-a and ctrl-c. (esc and del if you now want to delete the frame).
now you have learned up to 4 new shortcuts that you will use over and over in scribus to speed up your work, and avoided having to learn a shortcut (or a menu entry) that you will only use more or less rarely.

: - )


2020-05-09 12:19

reporter   ~0047609

Suppose you are creating a page and you are adding different type of small news stories in the page. You have filled the page except for one position. So you placed the last story there which is lot bigger than the space. So now the space will hold upto 3/4 portion of the third paragraph. So what you decided is to remove everything starting from 3rd paragraph.

How will I achieve this without much headache?


2020-05-11 13:36

manager   ~0047613

if i understand you correctly, i would:

- right click on the overflowing frame,
- content > truncate,
- select and remove the text after the third paragraph.

(if you need a keyboard shortcut for truncate, you can press ctrl+shift+/ and type trunc...)

but you were writing about selecting the overflowing text, not deleting it. so i'm not sure i understand correctly your task.


2020-05-20 12:59

reporter   ~0047626

Yes I was writing about selecting the overflow text. That was because I wanted to select it and delete.

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