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0016111ScribusUser Interfacepublic2020-05-14 08:26
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Summary0016111: drawing the frame in the same way as the red selected one is drawn
Descriptionwhile the red box drawn around the selected item is very sharp, the "automatic" border (the one drawn when there is no border) is often blurred.

would it be possible to use the same way of drawing the frame border as for the red one?

the blue border in the edit shape has the same issue, even if a bit less visible (try to move the whole shape with the mouse to see the artifacts).
and most people don't spend that much time in the shape editor.

of course, the red box is always a rectangle and it might therefore be possible to draw it in a different way than the free form frame border.
if it's the case, could we have a special case for the rectangular frames and items? (which in my experience are the huge majority of the frames in a document.)
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