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0016114ScribusStylespublic2020-05-20 06:44
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Summary0016114: Multi fonts within one paragraph style
DescriptionIn one paragraph style, we can set only one font.
I hope we can set multi fonts in one paragraph style: one font for text, another font for number, and a font for time(date/month/year).

With indesign Chinese version, there is a font function named"复合字体", I don't know how to translate it to english, maybe "Compound font", anyone could set multi fonts within one paragraph style.(in english version indesign, there is not compound font function).

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2020-05-18 02:29


comfont.png (82,320 bytes)   
comfont.png (82,320 bytes)   


2020-05-18 07:07

manager   ~0047623

i think there is a similar need for arabic, too.

personally, i'd like to first see the "character style" of the "paragraph style" being replaced by a drop down selection that links the "paragraph style" to a "character style".
(a next step would be to make the style editors non modal, and allow to be shown on screen at the same time).
then, we could have an "advanced" section where you could add two other optional select boxes that attach a different "character style" for numbers and time.


2020-05-19 04:14

reporter   ~0047624

Here are 2 screenshot, one from LibreOffice(paragraph style), another from InDesign(compound font editor).
The screenshot from InDesign, I had marked it in English.
I like LibreOffice's way.
id.png (559,760 bytes)   
id.png (559,760 bytes)   
LO.png (230,399 bytes)   
LO.png (230,399 bytes)   


2020-05-19 15:08

manager   ~0047625

when i see the screenshot i really wish that it would go through character styles instead of ad hoc definitions.

e might even provide a regex based filter on top of the one with the unicode pages (i guess it's implemented this way in LO and ID)

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