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Summary0016122: Proposal: let the user choose the a color space for the document
DescriptionCurrent status:

- Scribus automatically creates a CMYK white and black that cannot be changed by the user
- Thanks to a recent change by Jean, now the user can choose a different palette of colors and have by default RGB blacks and white.


- The user can create a document that only contains CMYK (currently possible), RGB (or any other color space) colors.
- The user is still free to mix color spaces if she actively does so, but the white and black will be in the document color space.
- By default the user should get a small color swatch in the chosen color space.

Proposal for a first step in this direction:

- The user can choose a color space in the "new document" dialog.
- Scribus will then create the default colors based on the matching default color swatch. (Scribus will have a default color swatch in each supported color space)
- If the user has set a different default color swatch, Scribus will create the blacks and white according to the chosen color space and all other colors as they are defined in the swatch (it's up to the user to make sure that the choice is sane).
- In the "document settings", the user can change the color space. This only affects the default white and black and not the other colors.

Further ideas:

- Importing a full default color swatch is probably something very few people (nobody?) does. It should be easier to pick colors from a swatch, instead of having to merge in the full swatch.
- It should be made easier to set a custom swatch (defined by the user) when creating a document (without having to scroll through all the swatches Scribus provides). it's more likely that a user wants to merge in a full user defined swatch.
- We can link the choice of the colors space with the colors swatches that are proposed to the user.

We can take these further ideas in consideration while implementing this feature, but it's imo not necessary to have them implemented in the same go.
Additional Informationi'm willing to work this.
but i need feedback both from jean and craig and from the users.
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