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0016130ScribusGeneralpublic2024-01-02 17:03
ReporterLucC Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformMacOSCatalinaOS VersionOS 10.15.4
Product Version1.5.5 
Summary0016130: Menu Color
DescriptionLa couleur de la barre de menu est grise avec des police grise, ce qui ne permet pas de lire les raccourcis disponible.
Seule la croix rouge "fermer document" est visible
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2020-06-04 13:34



2020-06-04 14:15

manager   ~0047672

as far as i can tell, scribus 1.5.5 does not yet correctly / completely support the dark theme on MacOs.

there are people who could get it to work and you might search the internet for solutions.

until 1.5.6 is released, i would say that if it does not work, and you're not ready to do the research to get it to work, then you should go back to a light theme.

i cannot promise that 1.5.6 will work correctly, but i know that a few things have been fixed after the 1.5.5 release.


2024-01-01 21:24

administrator   ~0050744

Please upgrade your OS to macOS 12 or higher, and Scribus to 1.6.0

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