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Summary0016155: Every page should be in a section (and proposal for a UI revolution)
Descriptioncurrently, i in a 4 pages document we can have a single section that spans from the second to the third page.
this makes me uncomfortable.

i guess that everything would be easier if every page had to be in a section.

as an example there would no need for the "To" column.
and the "From" one:

- can be called "Starting page"
- and cannot be modified for the first section

i would also rename "Start" with "First page number" and move it before "style".

but, i also think that the section should not be a table but a list of widgets.

Name: [ ]
Starts on page: [ 1]
[x] Page Numbering
Start: [ 1] [ ] Reversed Style: [ 1,2,3,... v] Padding: [ 0] Character: [ ]

also, if the last section starts on the last page, the "add" button should be grayed out.
(currently, we can have two sections in a one page document...)

also (2), if there is a current page, the first section created should start on that page.

finally, i wonder why there is a checkbox for "Shown"... if you don't want a page number, just use a master page without a page number...
Additional Informationi'm willing to work on this if i get the ok from the team.

the changes would only be in the UI and not in the way the values are stored in the document.
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