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Summary0016156: Create a "Document" menu that contains the "Page" menu and the "Document Setup"
DescriptionTLDR: this is currently just a first draft for a proposal. The main idea is to make the items in "File > Document Setup" easier to understand, discover and trigger by having its section as menus items in a new "Document" menu (that would replace and contain the "Page" menu)
The details need to be discussed and evaluated in different workflows.

Many people have a hard time to understand the difference between "File > Preferences" and "File > Document Setup".

At the same time, a few important actions for the document are too cumbersome and hard to discover.
I mainly think of the "Color Management" and the "Page numbering".

I suggest that the Page menu

- is renamed to Document
- most sections from the Document Setup are added as individual entries in the Document menu

Here is a proposal for the new Document menu:

Insert page
Delete page
Copy/move page
Master page
Page properties
Document Setup
Page numbering
Color Management
Table of contents
Tools Setup
Item Attributes
[ ] Snap to grid
[ ] Snap to guides
[ ] Snap to items

- "Import page" would be the second tab in insert page (insert from file)
- "Convert to master page" would be part of "Master page"
- "Guides" gets three more tabs with the "Placement, visibility and colors". Or a "Settings" button.
- "Document Setup" contains the following sections from "File > Document Setup":
  - "General"
  - "Document Information"
- "Tools" contains both the "Operator Tools" and "Items tools" sections. In the long term, "Item tools" should be replaced by Styles and "Default styles".
- "Sections" might be renamed to "Page numbering" (that's currently the only purpose of having sections...)
- "Pdf" and "Printer" can be removed and get managed with the "File > Print" and "File > Generate Pdf" dialogs. (if there is a need for it, we can add a "Save settings" button there)
- The "Display" section is moved to the View menu as "Display settings"
- The "Preflight verifier" is activated by a "Settings" button in the "Window > Preflight verifier" dialog.

The resulting menu is shorter than the insert Menu.

As said the exact changes should be further discussed, and the specific changes listed above are mostly here

- as a basis for discussion.
- to show that it's possible to split the dialog in a meaningful way.
Additional InformationI can work on this as soon as there is an agreement and an ok from the team.
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