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0016165ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-11-20 06:39
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
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Summary0016165: Spellcheck Issue
DescriptionThere is no facility to have an automatic spellcheck so that scribus will highlight wrong words as we type.
Also there is no way to right click the wrong word and get suggestions

Is there any plan to implement these features?
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2020-07-17 07:21

manager   ~0047841

of course having a better spell check inside of scribus would be wonderful.

there are a few notes from my side:

- the highlighting of the bad words should never be mistaken with formatting
- replacing words should be fast (no big pop up dialog...)
- implementing a workflow that allows proofreaders to do corrections is in my eyes much more important (and the solution might be to to even remove the current spell checking inside of scribus and have a good external / internal tool that can also be used by proofreaders (resources are limited in the scribus world... we should not have multiple bad ways to do something, but only one that shines!)
- of course you should always spell check your text before you import it into scribus...


2020-07-17 11:34

reporter   ~0047845


InDesign highlights all spelling mistakes in a single click and users can go to any Text frame and choose the wrong words and will the pop ups for the word and choose the right option. Most of the other software's also follows the same pattern. Hope this may be considered in due course of time in the development.


2020-11-09 13:58

reporter   ~0048352

Libreoffice is doing automatic spellcheck pretty well. Can scribus consider how they are doing this and try to implement something similar?


2020-11-09 15:00

reporter   ~0048355

A better spellcheck will definitely will take this Software miles ahead as spell check plays very important role in Magazines,Newspapers etc.
Request the Scribus team to consider this on priority.


2020-11-11 20:00

manager   ~0048381

@sreerajp @gireeshbabump ... any idea on what you contributions to the spell checker could be?

you seem to be very motivated on this topic...


2020-11-14 06:02

reporter   ~0048410

We are using Scribus for our publication work. We tried to add a spellchecker plugin with wrong words being underlined or strikeout, showing suggestions etc.. We got some success upto showing wrong words. If the inherent spellcheck can do all this, it will be a great help to us.


2020-11-14 08:46

manager   ~0048411

@sreerajp , it would be helpful if you could share the details of what you tried...


2020-11-17 06:56

reporter   ~0048443

Please give me some time. I am preparing the material to share with you.


2020-11-20 06:39

reporter   ~0048458

Please find the source file for spellcheck. We are using a spellcheck server. So the plugin will query the server and do the spellcheck.

erp5server.cpp (24,870 bytes)

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