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0016182ScribusFontspublic2020-07-22 06:21
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Summary0016182: Font menu very slow on Ubuntu
DescriptionI am using Scribus 1.5.5 on Ubuntu 20.04 and have issues with Scribus fonts loading and selection. I have a large font library out of necessity. When I launch Scribus and then input text, it takes a while for me to toggle a font selection. Scrolling through fonts is a challenge and it is not smooth. Even when I finally select a desired font, the program will default to Arial. It happens frequently in a project when I arrange my text and find that other fonts apart from what I selected are defaulted to, namely Arial.

Since I dualboot, one solution is to simply use Scribus on Windows (10) as the programs seems to behave much better on that platform.

This issue is bad enough for me to look at other programs to get my desktop publishing done.
Steps To ReproduceSimply launch and try to use Scribus, any version, on Ubuntu and toggle to the fonts menu.
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2020-07-21 08:09

manager   ~0047865

1. you can pick a different font as arial as your default font (in the preferences, text tool)
2. instead of scrolling through the fonts, you can start typing the name (from its beginning; and, yes, it would be nice to have a real filter...)

what is the solution you would suggest? should there be a way to reduce the number of fonts in the list?


2020-07-21 19:51

reporter   ~0047868


I have been using Scribus for almost a decade for offset print-related material and digital. This issue with the fonts is more related to Ubuntu, I think. It may be an indexing issue. When I run other graphics programs (like Gravit and even Inkscape--though the latter sometimes has issues--my fonts menu loads fine. With Scribus, the font menu lags. The things you mention about the drop down menu and typing the desired fonts are reasonable actions, but under Ubuntu, this is not the case. The program really struggles, I have to wait several seconds for it to respond. By way of contrast, I ran Scribus on Windows and performance is smooth. The fonts (same library) load rapidly and deploy as I wish. The issue with Ubuntu persisited since 18.04. I have a pretty powerful desktop machine with lots of RAM, CPU "oomph", SSD, and a powerful graphics card--which is needed for video editing. What I would like with Scribus on Ubunbtu is the same snappy performance I get on Windows. The font menu loading rapidly and toggling at top-speed to my selections. I cannot switch distros because my video and audio editing programs are tethered to Ubuntu. I have done some research and found out that Scribus performance issues on Ubuntu is not something new.

Thanks for your default suggestion. Scribus is a good program, it is just a matter of the way it plays with Ubuntu (I think).


2020-07-21 20:22

manager   ~0047869

you seem to have a case here.

the problem is that it's a bit hard to say what's going on without having access to your computer.

personally, i've not heard of a similar problem on ubuntu and with on my debian box -- which is probably what is most similar to ubuntu -- i don't seem to have any issues with the fonts list.
but i probably have way fewer fonts than you have.

what i can suggest is to change the title of this ticket to

"Font menu lags on Ubuntu"

and see if other people can confirm the issue.


2020-07-21 20:30

reporter   ~0047870

@ale Thank you.

How do I change the title of this ticket?


2020-07-22 06:21

manager   ~0047871

i'm not sure that you can edit the ticket. i've done it for you. (there is a small "edit" button below, just below the main ticked description.

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