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0016197ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-08-19 06:12
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Summary0016197: RTL in the text ruler: tabs and margins
Descriptionfor RTL text, the ruler correctly counts from right to left.

but the tabs do not work and the left / right margins are inversed.

i'm working on a patch to fix this.
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2020-07-29 20:23

manager   ~0047889

Last edited: 2020-08-19 06:12

i got the tabs to work.

the margins do not work yet, but during the testing i'm doing the following changes:

- when the left / right text margin is "not set" do not show the frame marings (the one marked with [ ])
- when grabbing the rulers items, first grab the text margins and then the frame margins.

the behavior of the margins feels strange and further changes might be needed.

- [x] instead of using blue marks, make the background white (Window) and the foreground black (Text)
- [ ] highlight the margin marks on mouse over
- [ ] increase the width area for selecting the margin marks
- [ ] the frame margin is always available in the middle. in the higher and the lower part only if the margin marks are far enough.
- [ ] when moving the left margin, the first line indent also moves
- [ ] snap to 0 and end
- [ ] snap the first line to the left margin
- [ ] in text frames with multiple columns, only show the values for the current column
      - except for the left / right frame spacing
      - (since tabs and indents are paragraph based it does not make sense to show the current tabs and indents in other columns)
- [x] simplify the scales in unitChange()
- [x] do not show the numbers in the "page rule" when the text is being edited (only show numbers in the text part)
- [x] do not show all black at very low zoom levels (< 3%)

(basically, i'm copying how it works in libreoffice...)

patch will follow as soon as it is ready.

open questions:

- in unitChange(), what should the values for m_iter and m_labelScale be, when sc < 0.1?

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