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0016206ScribusUsabilitypublic2020-08-17 10:18
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Summary0016206: improve the sequence of units
Descriptioncurrently we have

- pt
- mm
- in
- p (picas!!!!)
- cm
- c (cicero!!!)

which is not alphabetical, nor by scale, nor... well, it looks rather random...

i suggest that it should be changed to:

- mm
- cm
- in
- p
- pt
- c

ISO first, then imperial, than pt (which should not really be used in scribus), finally cicero (which i guess is not really in use anymore...)
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2020-08-16 16:24

administrator   ~0047946

pt is the default unit for publishing and everything is based on it so we won't be removing or changing it. Besides, order is irrelevant, thats why we have the enum. However, I can see that we could reorganise units.h/cpp to group them differently.


2020-08-16 16:48

manager   ~0047947

it's about the order in the UI.
i don't care much about the order in the enum and it's for sure not worth to change it at this point.

in my experience, pt is not much (if at all) used in publishing.

europe is afaik all mm (except france which is cm) and the imperial word goes for inches (with some leftovers in picas).

but i might be missing some usages... maybe some important ones?

finally, now that you tell me that you consider pt to be the most used unit i see some sort of order in the list... before i thought it was basically random (or historical: first implemented in scribus, first shown in the list)


2020-08-16 17:28

administrator   ~0047948

All calculations in Scribus are done in pt


2020-08-17 10:18

administrator   ~0047956

Happy to consider reorganisation of whats in the GUI

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