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0016211ScribusScripterpublic2020-08-14 12:29
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Summary0016211: rename a few scripter commands to better match what they do
Description- setInfo -> setDocInfo
- setBaseLine -> setDocBaseline
- createCustomLineStyle -> createLineStyle
- for colors use set/create instead of change/define.
- fileQuit -> fileQuitDialog
- `loadStylesFromFile -> loadParagraphStyles (if the docstring is correct...)

on top of it, a bit more "optional" / "controversial":

setUnit -> setDocUnit
scrollDocument -> scrollView
zoomDocumnet -> zoomView
redrawAll -> redrawDoc

on top of it (2) we should think about

- always using Doc or Document
- merging getAllObjects() and getPageItems()
- renameing all or most command with Objects to Items

p.s.: sadly, a timeout issue has eaten up a few of my notes, so this is what i can deliver now...
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