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0016246Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2020-09-18 15:10
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PlatformMacbook 2015OSmacOS CatalinaOS Version10.15.6
Summary0016246: Change size pointer very difficult to get
DescriptionIt just started after a recent upgrade on my MacBook to macOS Catalina 10.15.6. I have reloaded Scribus several times and used an older version but nothing seemed to change the problem.

Once a frame is made, it is very difficult to get the resize pointer to appear. It only wants to move it around. The only resize pointer that appears is the angle one (for resizing in both axes) and the other ones -- horizontal and vertical -- never appear. The angle one is very difficult to get appear as well.

Steps To ReproduceIt is a permanent feature of my Scribus work, that is, I have stopped using Scribus. I am happy to send you whatever files of Scribus might help you diagnose my problem.
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