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0016250ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-03-09 01:35
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Summary0016250: Specify Bar Code Dimensions upon insertion - Enhancement Request
DescriptionThe default size of the barcode is too big for my projects. The bars are too long. I need to produce many barcodes to be a consistent shape and size. I currently have to ungroup the vector and play with the line lengths manually. It is time consuming to do this. It would be great if on the screen to create the barcode, I can enter the desired length and width for the barcode or at least specify the length of the bars.
Steps To ReproduceInsert > barcode


has duplicate 0016500 closedjghali Specify Bar Code Dimensions - Enhancement Request 



2021-03-09 01:35

reporter   ~0048924

added screenshot of barcode options
BarcodeWindow.jpg (69,427 bytes)   
BarcodeWindow.jpg (69,427 bytes)   

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