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0016257ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-10-08 15:19
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Summary0016257: Export from command-line and create export profiles
DescriptionI think it would be helpful to be able to export Scribus documents from the command line if you have a lot of separate files to be exported (this might save time in some use cases). Since the options for PDF export are too numerous and complex to be configured from the command line, I would suggest to do the configuration using the graphical utility and save the preferences as a profile file, which can then be used as configuration for command-line export.

The command line argument could look like this:
-e / --export EXPORT_PROFILE
(a) scribus -e "profile_1" "Newspaper_p1.sla" "Newspaper_p2.sla"
(b) scribus -e "profile_A" "Article_A.sla" -e "profile_BC" "Article_B.sla" "Article_C.sla"

Attached are two quick drafts of how I imagine this profile management in the Export dialogue. Probably it would also need to be added to the PDF Export section in the global and document setting in a similar way.
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2020-10-02 20:52


manage_profiles.png (100,144 bytes)   
manage_profiles.png (100,144 bytes)   
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normal_dialogue.png (105,052 bytes)   


2020-10-02 22:33

administrator   ~0048125

You can already export via command line using python scripts:


2020-10-04 15:05

manager   ~0048126

the need for the profile storage is real, but i'm not sure that adding a new "bar" below the dialog is the right way to do it.

i would suggest to put the buttons in the general tab or add a tab with all the UI for managing the PDF export profiles.


2020-10-08 15:19

reporter   ~0048144

Yeah, maybe a different way of implementing it is better. I just suggested this "bar" because it is similar to how keyboard shortcut profiles are managed.

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