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0016264ScribusScripterpublic2021-11-28 15:08
ReporterNairo Assigned ToJLuc  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Platformlinux appOSdebianOS Versionstable
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016264: I was using script "autoquote 2" (fr; 1; O) and I have a bug message :
DescriptionTraceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 10, in <module>
  File "/tmp/.mount_scribuEkqZKA/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/../share/scribus/scripts/", line 288, in <module>
    elif ((ord(prevchar) == 39) and ((nextchar != ' ') and (nextchar != ',') and (nextchar != ';') and (nextchar != '.'))):
TypeError: ord() expected a character, but string of length 3 found
Steps To ReproduceI have a text in a block with a flag shape. I wanted to replace the quotes with French quotes. I got this message and it didn't work of course.
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2020-10-08 13:23

reporter   ~0048141

Reproducibility: every time


2020-10-08 13:29

reporter   ~0048142

I made a copy and paste of vector objects from inkscape into scribus. They are put with a skin that I can't remove without ungrouping them (which I don't want to do because it's a bit of a mess). I think that's what makes things a bit messy.


2020-10-08 14:43

developer   ~0048143

Last edited: 2020-10-08 14:44

Could you try with updated version of script ?

It's more powerfull, there are more options and hence there are more dialogs, but you can prevent dialogs that are of no use for you : just set the right default value at the begining of script for variables and/or simply/ comment do_ask=True (line 43) and uncomment do_ask=False (line 44)


2020-10-08 16:30

reporter   ~0048146

Ok ! I'll do that :) thank you very much

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