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0016270ScribusStylespublic2020-10-15 09:00
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Summary0016270: edit default styles when no document is open
Descriptioncurrently, there are many text formatting rules that cannot be defined in "preferences > item tools > text" (the one that currently bothers me is the text language).

instead of further extending the text frame settings i suggest to remove from the settings all the formatting that can be defined through styles and let the user define the default styles through the style manager instead.

as a first step, i'm willing to work on a patch that:

- makes it possible to edit the default text styles when no document is open
- stores the styles in the preferences

further one we will need to:

- read the stored information when creating the document default styles
- remove the fields from the text tool's preferences
- use the same schema for other items that have default styles (lines...)

please comment to give hints on

- is this doable?
- what should i take care of?
- any hint to make it easier to implement this.

(of course in the future it should be possible to export a style and import it in a different scribus or save a style as the default one from the "normal" style manager")
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