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0016279ScribusScripterpublic2020-10-23 13:47
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Summary0016279: refactor the name of the scriper cmd files
Descriptionthe cmd files have been created at a time when the scripter api covered only a small part of the scribus features (and there were also fewer features to cover).

several files have names that are too generic or misleading.

i made an effort to document the content of the cmd files and here are a few changes that i'd like to suggest:

- create a cmdimage, as a counterpart to cmdtext (with commands from cmdmani).
- remove the commented out comands from cmdgetsetprop.
- rename cmdannotation to cmdpdffields
- merge cmdtable and cmdcell
- move the commands in cmdgetprop and cmdsetprop to cmditem
- move the command in cmdmani to more specific files
- review the content of cmdmisc
- generally speaking always use item instead of object
- rename cmdutil to util (or scripterutil), since it does not expose commands
- rename objpdffile as objpdfexport

personally, i'd really like to be able to open a file and add a command, without first needing to grep for the right file where the command belongs...
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