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0016303ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-11-03 18:36
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version1909
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016303: Character Style for a selected word
DescriptionSuppose we select a word and apply a character style, say increased the font size by 1 pt and style to Bold, for that selected word. Now if we place the cursor at the end of the selected word and press space bar and type some other word the character style of that word will be the default character style. (For Scribus if we place the cursor at the beginning of the changed word press a space bar and type the new word will have the same character style as that of the changed word.)

Normally this word should have the changed character style.

Is this the way Scribus works or will there be any fix?
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2020-11-03 07:44

manager   ~0048304

sadly, this is how scribus currently works.

most layout (and word processing) programs used to work in this way in the past... but they have probably fixed this behavior now...


2020-11-03 17:53

reporter   ~0048315

I too found this annoying very quickly. I hope this one is an "easy" fix, as it does work the way it should at the start of the word as sreerajp mentions.


2020-11-03 18:36

manager   ~0048316

in my eyes, this is bound to the fact that scribus sets formats to the frame itself. even when the frame is not empty.

i believe that solving this, will probably also bring a solution to the way the formatting is applied after a word.

but it's not a trivial change at all
and i'm not really sure that there is a clear understanding how much this "bug" affects the daily work of the scribus users.

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