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0016335ScribusGeneralpublic2020-11-14 08:52
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PlatformWindows 10 PCs and MacsOSWindows 10 & OSXscribusliner.slaOS Version10.14.6
Product Version1.5.6 
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Summary0016335: Zoom level does save with document or template
DescriptionWe need the Zoom of the document as a whole saved when we use Scribus. When we apply 300% zoom on a document we want that zoom level to be saved with it. We would like to have templates that have a default zoom of 300%. 10.14.6
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new document or template. Format the document/template and set the zoom level to 300-400%. Save the document. Open the document again and the zoom level returns to 100%.
Additional InformationWe need to work with small documents, for example 1.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep. The users opening these documents are using 7 to 9 point type so the zoom level is very important to us



2020-11-13 16:45


scribusliner.sla (14,399 bytes)


2020-11-14 08:52

manager   ~0048412

they can press ctrl-0 to fit to height.
that should be fast enough.

imo, storing the zoom is not a good idea in most cases, even if might sound like a good idea for very specific use cases.

we had a similar request in the forums.
what could be done is to have ctrl-0 to fit to the current item if an item is selected.
but i'm not 100% that this is a good idea either.

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