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0016339ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-11-15 19:40
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Product Version1.5.6 
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Summary0016339: Auto-indent of bullet styles is not carried over to linked text frame
DescriptionWhen a frame break occurs in the middle of a paragraph with auto-indent (bullet style), the paragraph is resumed with indent in the next linked frame
Steps To ReproduceCreate two text frames and link them.
Create a text with a bullet paragraph style with auto-indent.
Arrange the frame sizes so that the frame break occurs in the middle of an auto-indented paragraph.
Additional InformationAuto-indent works fine across a column break with the same text frame.
The same effect happens with 1.5.5, it most probably is not a regression.
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2020-11-15 19:37


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2020-11-15 19:40

reporter   ~0048426

The description should read "the paragraph is resumed *without* indent in the next linked frame". Sorry.
After the next bullet, auto-indent resumes.

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