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0016349ScribusProperties Palettepublic2020-11-23 21:54
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Product Version1.5.6 
Summary0016349: Using F2 while in properties palette causes switch to first opened document
DescriptionWhen the cursor is in the properties palette and F2 is pressed, the properties palette closes, but the screen does not stay on the current document. A switch is made to the first open document. If the properties palette is not docked, this is not observed to occur. This also does not occur if another function, such as layers is docked on the other side.
Steps To ReproduceOpen two or more documents. Dock properties palette to the left or right side with nothing docked in the other side. Select an element or elements in the current document (not the first opened) and place cursor into one of the properties palette fields. Press F2. The properties palette will close and also switch to the first opened document.
Additional InformationReproduced in Arch Linux and in Windows 10.


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