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0016440ScribusCanvaspublic2021-01-20 06:20
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindows 10OS Version10.0.18363
Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0016440: Screens and Menus Fail on 2-screen configuration
DescriptionThis is happening on an LG Laptop with a 2560 x 1600 display with the windows display setting at the recommended 175% and an external display that is 1920 x 1200 display that is scaled to 100%. The two screens also have different pixel densities.

It appears that the GUI software gets confused when the document window is moved from one of the windows to another. The two symptoms are
1) unable to see document window when reopening Scribus
2) unable to see the drop-down command menus (such as File, Edit, etc.)

In both cases it appears that the windows are menus are actually being displayed but positioned off the screens.
Steps To ReproduceOpen an existing document or create a new one
Move the document window from the laptop screen to the external screen
Make at least one change to the document
The command menus (File, Insert, etc.) apparently no longer appear if you click on them.
Close Scribus
Reopen Scribus to an existing or new document.
The Document Window does not appear visible.
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2021-01-20 06:20

administrator   ~0048727

I'd suggest you try to use Scribus If you have used 1.4.8 for some time, be careful as documents saved in 1.5.x will no longer open in 1.4.x

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