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0016450ScribusProperties Palettepublic2022-05-22 06:16
ReporterJLuc Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version20.10
Product Version1.5.7 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0016450: Add 90° "rotate left" "rotate right" buttons
DescriptionThe PP features handy symetry buttons but there is no such button for rotation.

Yet it's not so easy to rotate and even less to rotate below 0 since the input doesnt accept negative numbers.

So it would be usefull to also provide "rotate left" and "rotate right" 90° rotation buttons, in the free space right next to the "Origin of rotation" widget.
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2022-04-27 12:38

reporter   ~0049631

Also please implement "rotate left" and "rotate right" to Scripter.


2022-05-04 20:30

administrator   ~0049637

Added a test version to 1.7.0.svn


2022-05-04 20:32

administrator   ~0049638

for scripter, use rotateObject() with parameter of 90 or -90 I think. Not sure we need an alias for +/-90


2022-05-17 20:15

administrator   ~0049646

Anyone tested it?


2022-05-20 03:29

updater   ~0049648

afaik this test version isn't in r25074.
as i don't compile my versions, i can't test features from the source code.
but i will test it as soon as there is a new macOS build on sourceforge.


2022-05-20 08:27

developer   ~0049649

Last edited: 2022-05-20 08:27

Same but on Ubuntu 22.04.
It looks there is no more easy way to install and exec scribus trunk.


2022-05-20 21:49

administrator   ~0049650

1.7.0.svn Mac OS version uploading now to sourceforge


2022-05-20 22:35

updater   ~0049651

hi craig
a first test says: 90° rotation works as expected.
what surprises me is that the horizontal mirror button works vertically on a 90° rotated element. (and vertical mirror works horizontally…)
it looks as mirroring works before rotating – even on an already rotated element. (not a big deal, but strange)


2022-05-21 20:59

administrator   ~0049652

Thanks. yeah thats unrelated to this change though. Thats how Scribus has always worked.


2022-05-22 06:16

updater   ~0049653

in this case the 90° rotation works perfect.

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