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0016518ScribusGeneralpublic2021-04-15 20:37
Reporterckom26 Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.6 
Fixed in Version1.5.7.svn 
Summary0016518: Inserting pages in the middle of a document distorts welded items further down
DescriptionI'm working on an album with lots of images, many of which have captions welded to them. Inserting pages in the middle of the document (not single pages, always even numbers to preserve left-right layout) the welded items jump off their pages - usually one page below their original.

Welding is very convenient in albums, because you can move the welded items around quickly, keeping their relative positions. This bug slows down production, especially if one needs to insert pages near the top and has already edited a hundred pages.

Reproducible: always.

Additional InformationIt has already been reported and confirmed on the forum, where it was suggested that welding is considered experimental.,3582.0.html
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