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0016549ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-04-17 13:30
ReporterPeterBenedek Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx64OSLinux MintOS Version20 (64bit)
Product Version1.5.7.svn 
Summary0016549: Missing Stylistic set descriptions
DescriptionPP panel -- Font Features panel contain a Stylistic Sets setting.
Styles are indicated by numbers, but the numbers have no description (ScribusSylisticPanel.png)
The user does not know what the device is doing, and what changes.
In the Inkscape the same panel is contain the descriptions, so the function is understood.
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2021-04-17 13:30


InkscapeSylisticPanel.png (26,508 bytes)   
InkscapeSylisticPanel.png (26,508 bytes)   
ScribusSylisticPanel.png (3,207 bytes)   
ScribusSylisticPanel.png (3,207 bytes)   

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