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0016552ScribusInternalpublic2021-04-28 17:58
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PlatformWorkstationOSLinuxOS VersionMint 20
Product Version1.5.6 
Summary0016552: Endnote marks are not accepted in large documents
DescriptionI'm using Scribus 1.5.6 daily build.

I have a large SLA document (2.1 MB). It is a text book of 500 pages. Each page contains one text frame linked to the text frame of the preceding page and the text frame of the subsequent page. I am using about 80 endnote marks ("foot/endnotes" in the menu) displayed in 3 text frames on the 3 last pages of the document.

If I insert a new endnote mark (let it have Number 53), then the cursor appears at the bottom of the last page of the document (page 500). When I insert my endnote text there, the cursor jumps to page 498, between endnote 52 and 54, and the text I enter is displayed as expected. If I now save my document and reload it, nothing of my endnote is displayed. (see my screenshot appended)

If I load the SLA source code into a simple text editor, I can find the new note mark tag as follows:

  <Note Master="NoteMark_Default_53" NStyle="Default" Text=""/>

As you see, the text attribute is empty. So, I have to enter my endnote text here by hand and save the text, in order to be able to reload the document in Scribus and having the expected endnote displayed correctly.

Remark: In earlier times, as my document was smaller and all endnotes have covered no more than one single page, everything worked fine.

Another strange thing occurs: Everytime I click on the last endnote frame, it shrinks in size. So the last frame (on page 499) overflows.

Additionaly: After I reload the document, Frame 1 has moved to page 500, although I moved it at its right place (on page 498) before.

Steps To ReproduceLoad my SLA document (2.1 MB)
Insert a new endnote mark
Save the document
Leave Scribus and restart it, and reload the document previously saved
The inserted endnote mark is an empty text
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2021-04-28 17:58


bug_enbdnotes.jpg (269,654 bytes)   
bug_enbdnotes.jpg (269,654 bytes)   

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