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0016557ScribusTypographypublic2021-05-02 12:06
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10OS Version20H2 - 19042.928
Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016557: Drop cap with short line makes long break
DescriptionPerhaps it is by design, but I am hoping there is a toggle...

If you have a paragraph style with drop cap paragraph effect, and it is set for more than 2 lines, if the drop cap paragraph is unusually short, the next paragraph doesn't start until below the drop cap.

There should be way (a toggle?) to allow subsequent paragraphs to start with the same indent as the remainder of the first line.
Steps To ReproduceCreate "default paragraph style"
Create "drop cap style" with drop cap lines=3.

Create text frame
Create first paragraph= "Threre once was a man from nantucket", apply default paragraph style
Create second paragraph= "This is the second paragraph", apply drop cap style

If the text frame is sufficiently wide, the first paragraph will start with the drop cap, finish with the remainder. The second paragraph will start below the drop cap, leaving a 2-line blank space on the right side.

See attachment for quick example.
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2021-05-01 20:31


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