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0016562ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-10-12 13:24
ReporterPeterBenedek Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSLinux MintOS Version20 (64bit)
Product Version1.5.8.svn 
Summary0016562: Styles disappear in the Style window, when you reverse their names
Description-- Open new document
-- Edit - Styles...
-- Add new style (ANIMAL)
-- Add new style (PLANT)
-- Press Apply button in the Style window
-- Rename style: ANIMAL --> PLANT (name of style will be PLAN)
-- Rename style: PLANT --> ANIMAL
-- Change it name of PLAN style -- > PLANT
-- Press Apply button in the Style window

Result: The Styles disappear
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related to 0016561 new Scribus crashes after applied and renamed style clone 



2021-05-08 07:31


StylesMissing.gif (630,925 bytes)   
StylesMissing.gif (630,925 bytes)   


2021-10-11 21:04

administrator   ~0049293

Hmm works ok for me.. a few months after you submitted it. Can you please retest?


2021-10-12 04:06

developer   ~0049294

Last edited: 2021-10-12 04:10

Hi Craig.

I retested it, but I can still reproduce this in the Scribus 1.5.8.svn version.
I use appimage; source of appimage:


2021-10-12 13:24

manager   ~0049295

i can replicate.

but, obviously, i had to rename "ANIMAL" to "PLAN", not "PLANT" (i cannot have two styles named PLANT)

as soon as i rename "ANIMAL" to "PLANT", i'm left with "PLAN" only.

if only scribus would not use internally the names provided by the user...

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