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0016574ScribusImport / Exportpublic2021-05-25 20:13
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Platformamd64OSWindowsOS Version10 (ver 2004)
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Summary0016574: Very large PDF output as multi-page PDF, much smaller as combined infividual pages
DescriptionI have a Scribus file which is about 56MB in size which is 36 pages. There are a couple of JPG images and a little bit of text but the vast majority is imported SVG files which contain sheet music (so reasonably complex SVGs). When I export it as a single PDF file I get a PDF just under 78MB! I produce these every couple of months and 15-30MB is a more common size. When I've had very large PDFs before I have exported the pages individually as PDFs to check for particular SVGs causing bloat and re-typeset the SVG and re-import the new SVG which usually solves the issue. In this case I experienced a few very odd behaviors though:

1. When bursting the multi-page PDF with pdftk I ended up with a PDF of EACH PAGE being almost 79MB! Something about how Scribus is generating the PDF is preventing bursting from working properly.
2. When exporting directly from Scribus using the "Output one file for each page" option the TOTAL of all 36 PDFs was only 22MB with most of the individual pages between 200-400KB with a few larger ones.

So, I took the one file per page option and concatenated the PDFs using pdftk to arrive at a much more reasonable 22.6MB PDF. However, it does seem there is some kind of issue with the Scribus PDF export for multi-page PDFs given the difference in size I saw with the one page per file option, and also that bursting the big PDF did not work as expected.
Steps To ReproduceExport as PDF in Scribus as described.
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2021-05-25 20:13

administrator   ~0049142

We would need to get a hand on your document. As a first step, providing the images won't be necessary.

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