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0016602ScribusTypographypublic2021-07-09 09:52
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Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016602: First line offset not respected (maybe font dependent)
DescriptionAn attribute First line offset should control how a text frame starts (a vertical align of the line).
Default value Maximum Ascent alignes the first line for the highest letter to fit, but the Font Ascent value should align the line according the font height. So the line should not move and have space for all glyphs until we change size.
I have experienced folowing (font Helvetica Neue 55 Roman).

Font Ascent value does not respect diacritic. With capitalized letter with diacritic the line moves down.
Line Spacing value is not fully respected when it comes below a certain value. For example a text in 30 pt size started to react on Line Height above 22 pt.

On Scribus help site there is an example of these values and Font Ascent value makes more space (maybe for the diacritic), which makes me think it could be a font fault. I am attaching tested font too.
Steps To Reproduce1. Make a text frame and set First line offset to Font Ascent.
2. Writing upper letters after lower letters should not move the first line and the text.
3. Put upper letter with diacritic (e. x. "Šílenost"). The line should not be moved. But it is.
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2021-07-09 09:52


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