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0016678ScribusTypographypublic2021-11-09 22:23
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Platformx86 64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.5.8.svn 
Summary0016678: Line text effects don't work
DescriptionAll the text effects involving lines (direct formatting) don't work initially. It requires the application of othe text effects and their reversion to make them work.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create text frame

2) Insert some text

3) Select the text

4) Apply one of the text effects involving linges (underline, strikethrough ...)

---> No change

5) Apply another text effect (e.g. background colour)

---> Now the line effect is visible and remains even after the other effect has been disabled.
Additional InformationWindows only. On Linux it works as expected.
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2021-11-05 07:14

administrator   ~0049336

Cannot reproduce here.


2021-11-09 22:23

administrator   ~0049346

Works here

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