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0016722ScribusFontspublic2022-01-22 00:07
Reporterfredzannarbor Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.8.svn 
Summary0016722: Story Editor loses properly displayed Japanese characters on save
DescriptionI have some text that contains Japanese characters. I can use Story Editor to open a file containing those characters and they display correctly in Story Editor. However, when I then save the Story Editor object, the text frame does NOT display the characters correctly, and they do not print out. What gives?

Steps To ReproduceUse this text:

Katakana ハルナ-1 to 3 = White on red tail. To 1937.
BI = Yellow until June 1939 December 1942.z

Save into Story Editor, display.

Image display set to Full.
Additional Informationsla file, font screenshots available on request (very large).
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duplicate of 0015541 closedjghali Japanese characters dont work well 



2022-01-16 04:40

reporter   ~0049479

Display example


2022-01-16 12:01

updater   ~0049480

you should provide an .sla file and the font you use.
btw. did you check if the font contains your japanese glyphs?


2022-01-16 13:42

administrator   ~0049481

The story editor display font is not linked to the fonts used on canvas as the main purpose of story editor is to type text. Font and text handling is simplified in text editor in order to make it more efficient for long text editing. The story editor will generally use a single display font which can be changed using Settings > Display font... and may perform font substitution if some characters are not available in current display font.

Once saved, font used in text frame has to support the glyphs used by your text. If squares are displayed, that means the current font used in text frame does not support Japanese. Only solution is to change font.


2022-01-16 22:46

reporter   ~0049482

It is Calibri everywhere so I think the problem may be that Scribus is getting the display version of Calibri from somewhere different than the system version, and the display version does not have the glyphs. Stay tuned.


2022-01-17 00:18

administrator   ~0049483

As I mentionned, in the story editor font substitutions can occur if display font does not contain used glyphs.


2022-01-17 00:30

administrator   ~0049484

Calibri font does not support Japanese for sure. Here is an explanation about how some software may display Japanese characters when having Calibri selected while this font does not support Japanese:
Same occurs in story editor.


2022-01-17 01:51

reporter   ~0049485

very interesting. that should help me get around this issue.

Then it seems to be working as designed, ok to close.

One suggestion: could we add an affordance to Story Editor that shows that fallback fonts are being used? Maybe an (f) next to the font name?


2022-01-21 19:32

administrator   ~0049487

The story editor is largely based on a third party component. Unfortunately this third party-component will not let use know when a fallback font is used or not.


2022-01-21 20:00

reporter   ~0049488

For those who may encounter similar issues -- I was able to resolve the problem by downloading the font Microsoft Yu Gothic which contains Katakana and highlighting the affected characters while in display mode.

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