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0016735ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-02-03 04:23
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PlatformMac Pro 2009 (5,1)OSmacOS MojaveOS Version10.14.6
Summary0016735: Text Frame borders do not print. (Both PDF and printer do not show borders.)
DescriptionI have a document with many call-out boxes, all of which have a black border.
The borders show up fine on-screen, but will not print out.
I've also tried print to PDF, but they still do not print.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a Scribus document.
It shouldn't matter, but I'm using facing pages.
I have a graphic image in the background of each page.
    (The problem is not the background image. It still fails with no background.)
Insert a text frame into the document with a black border.
    Make sure you put some text in the frame.
Attempt to print to a printer, or to a PDF document.
    Everything else on the page will work, but the borders will not print.
Additional InformationUsing Scribus 1.5.7 for macOS.
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2022-02-02 20:44

administrator   ~0049503

I tried to print on Windows, no issue here.


2022-02-03 04:23

updater   ~0049505

just tried – no problem here with scribus 1.5.8. on macOS 11.6.2.

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