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0016746Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2022-02-11 05:59
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Summary0016746: Regular space randomly not respected (Khmer language)
DescriptionThe Khmer language uses regular spaces as a form of punctuation or between sentences. Words are not visibly seperated, but in digital word processing zero-width-spaces are used to provide the information on where to break lines etc.
Working with justified text some regular spaces are not being respected, even though zero-width​ spaces are used to create a line break in the proper place. This seems to happen randomly, for example in a document of 60 A5 pages, it happened 5 times.
The screenshot shows one example instance. The yellow marks are where zero-width-spaces are placed in this specific line (since those have no visible control characters in Scribus).
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2022-02-11 05:59


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