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0016781ScribusPrintingpublic2022-04-20 10:41
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Summary0016781: Notebook print layout support
DescriptionIn the printing dialog (v.1.5.5) there is no support for notebook printing layout.
I expected to see this layout option in a publishing software.
This layout is for printing all the pages, double sided, in a way that I could stack the output, place a couple of staples in the middle and fold, which will get me a complete notebook (or a short book for example).

Some printers have this feature built-in but not all printers, and not all drivers, so I think Scribus as a publishing/authoring software should provide support for it.

For example, if I want to print a book of 20 pages, I would have 5 printed pages:
1. Cover page - page 1 and page 20 on one side, page 2 and page 19 on the other side.
2. Inner page - page 3 and page 18 on one side, page 4 and page 17 on the other.
3. Inner page - page 5 and page 16 on one side, page 6 and page 15 on the other.
4. Inner page - page 7 and page 14 on one side, page 8 and page 13 on the other.
5. Center fold - page 9 and page 12 on one side, page 10 and page 11 on the other.

and for each printed page, in case the printer doesn't support double sided printing, there should be an option to print all even pages separately and all odd pages separately.
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2022-04-18 17:52

reporter   ~0049617

Just for clarification (mainly for myself), the document pages should be arranged (on an 8 pages booklet example) like this:
Printed page 1, side 1: [page 8] [page 1] - cover
Printed page 1, side 2: [page 2] [page 7]
Printed page 2, side 1: [page 6] [page 3]
Printed page 2, side 2: [page 4] [page 5] - center fold


2022-04-20 06:21

developer   ~0049618

Hi itaibh.
This is not the job of the Scribus. This is the job of the printing house (reimposition).


2022-04-20 07:34

reporter   ~0049619

@PeterBenedek so why use Scribus in the first place? there are better authoring programs and I don't know any printing house that support Scribus files. Also, I want to be able to print my own booklets, not rely on a printing house.


2022-04-20 09:37

developer   ~0049620

"I don't know any printing house that support Scribus files"
Print house does not need the sla file. The Print house generate pages pairs from the PDF file.

"I want to be able to print my own booklets, not rely on a printing house. "
Create pages in Scribus. Export to PDF. Use the PDF viewer print function, and use the "Multiple pages per sheet" function. Done.


2022-04-20 10:41

reporter   ~0049621

No, not done. Far from done. You assume I have the correct software or printer drivers to make it happen, which I specifically wrote in the original feature request I don't have. Also it requires me to use a cumbersome process with other publishing software, which brings me back to the question I asked before - why use Scribus in the first place? So far I was able to do with it the same things I was able to do with other software, including some online tools, like Google Docs, Google Presentation, PowerPoint, OpenOffice/LibreOffice etc. and even Inkscape, just with more hurdle. If no printing layout feature is given then it's no more than a mediocre multi page design tool like Word or PowerPoint, certainly not a publishing tool.

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