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Summary0016788: Images change size when I load my saved file
DescriptionI have that issue that some of my images change size after I save and close my file. It seems to happen when I change the outline of my image box and especially if I modify the bottom part rather than the top or size. It also seems to happen more often if the image is places close to or outside of the margins. I need to be able to change the outline of my images so that the texts can adapt to the outline. It's quite stressful to play russian roulette every time I close my file and know my hours of work on it may all be screwed up when I open it back.

I made a video of the steps I took on a new file so you can see better (my Scribus is in French though so I hope that's alright)

Thank you for your help!
Steps To Reproduce- Open a new file
- Create an image box
- Place it over a margin
- Upload an image in the box
- Make it automatically resize to fit the box
- Change the outline of the box so that it's no longer just a square but follows the image's outline
- Make a screenshot so you see what your image looks like before closing Scribus
- Save and close your file
- Open your file
- Compare with screenshot
Additional InformationI made a video right here :
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2022-05-01 14:54

updater   ~0049635

as i wrote in the forum, for the text flow you should use (and edit) the contour line instead of the outline. if you change the outline (the frame size) the image should adapt to this new size if it is set to fit the frame.

one part of the bug is a display problem:
after editing the outline, the correct size of the image won't show before i reload the file. ('update document' doesn't work here‘)

as a second part of the issue the image changes its size when reopening the file, but i think it should be positioned to fit the frame as well. sometimes it is misplaced.

tested with macOS and scribus 1.5.8, 1.5.9.svn_r25074 and 1.7.0.svn_r.25074

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