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0016792ScribusUser Interfacepublic2022-05-10 08:57
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OSDebian 11 bullseye 64bit stable 
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016792: Cursor flickering and jumping when hovering over handles of text box or other object
DescriptionWhen hovering cursor over text box handles or any other object, the cursor very rapidly flickers and sometimes jumps erratically. This flickering persists sometimes for around a second when cursor movement is stopped, or the whilst the cursor is moved away from a handle. The cursor flickers between the "hand" shape and cursor pointer, or "corner arrow" shape etc. This behaviour is seen in scribus from debian-stable-main and in the appimage 1.5.8. Previously I was using scribus on Linux Mint Una (installed from mint software manager) and this issue was not apparent, this issue has risen since migrating to debian stable (gnome3) on the same hardware.

This issue only occurs with a new document, and saved documents created with the new install. When I open a file created with the previous install from Mint, this flickering does not occur For example, if I create a document from one of my old templates then save and open, the issue is not present. Also does not occur when opening some of the default templates, but others give this issue too.

Steps To ReproduceInstall scribus stable or open appimage 1.5.8, create new document, hover cursor over text box or other object handle, cursor flickers and moves erratically. Save document and open, hover cursor on handle, flickering occurs.


duplicate of 0015869 assignedale Cursor shape continuously change over elements of canvas. 



2022-05-09 18:10

administrator   ~0049641

Unable to reproduce on Windows.


2022-05-09 19:14

reporter   ~0049643

This issue has been resolved on scribus stable by switching the display server from wayland to X11:

To use the X11 backend by default, uncomment the WaylandEnable=false line in the /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf file

I suspected issues with the display server when I realised that my previous Mint install was using X11- a warning dialogue about wayland from a screenrecorder app alerted me to this . Also, I have an Nvidia GPU (Geforce RTX 2080) which has issues with wayland from what I've read.
Scribus was the only app to exhibit this cursor glitching, which I understand is a minor issue, but so irritating as to make the interface unusable. Hope this helps, not an ideal solution, but works for now.


2022-05-10 08:57

developer   ~0049644

Similar or same: 0015869

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