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0016794ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-06-09 22:11
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Summary0016794: "Unlink Text Frames and Cut Text" Changes Paragraph Style
DescriptionI see a problem with the "Unlink Text Frames and Cut Text" function. When the last line of a frame is not the end of a paragraph, and we "unlink and cut" the next frame in the chain, then the paragraph style of that last paragraph of the previous frame is changed to whatever the paragraph style was at the end of the original chain.

The attached should demonstrate that.
Steps To ReproduceSee attached test case for steps to reproduce
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related to 0013135 confirmed At the end of paragraph the text property is reset 



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2022-06-09 22:11

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Attached is an additional test case to show what happens when the end of the frame before the cut is the end of a paragraph.

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