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0016829ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2022-08-12 16:18
Reporterentodoays Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSFedora WorkstationOS Version36
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016829: When getting images for an image frame dialog box shows only png files
DescriptionAfter the creation of an image frame, when I try to add an image (ctrl + i), the dialog box shows only png files and not jpg images.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create image frame
2. Press ctrl + i and browse to a folder containing jpg files
Additional InformationI'm using the Flatpak version of Scribus on gnome 42 Wayland session.

WORKAROUND: Dragging a file from the file manager to the image frame works.
Tags1.5.8, image-frames



2022-08-12 13:53



2022-08-12 16:18

administrator   ~0049738

I'm unable to reproduce this with a self compiled version on Fedora 36. Also we do not produce the Flatpack versions of Scribus and hence cannot debug issues specific to these versions. So you'll have to ask support to the Flatpack packager first.

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