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0016849ScribusUsabilitypublic2022-10-14 18:13
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Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016849: Properties for First line, right and left indents
DescriptionI have the ability under the styles to set a numeric value for First line, right and left indents.

It would be great if I had those same entry fields/values appear someplace in my text properties panels. Right now when im in text edit mode, I can move the 3 triangles on the ruler to manually adjust the first line, right and left indents, however I have no way to verify what values im setting it to. I need to be able to see that value and enter a number on the fly.

im currently using 1.5.6 (no option to select that version when submitting this ticket).
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2022-10-14 18:12



2022-10-14 18:13

reporter   ~0049786

I attached a screen shot of the options available when creating a "style". However, im looking for something similar in the text properties when adjusting these manually.

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