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0016879ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-05-29 18:56
Reporterthemm Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.8 
Fixed in Version1.5.9.svn 
Summary0016879: Pixelated display in Enhanced Character Palette
DescriptionSome years ago, I made a suggestion for enhancing the resolution of the page content as it is displayed on the canvas (before PDF export).
Some versions ago, this was optimally implemented, and I would like to thank the developers for doing that.

Some people were sceptical at first, suggesting that it was just a problem on my machine or a being fussy on my side; but it was neither. It was a very annoying issue, and the solution an important improvement, which made the program more usable and appear more professional (which it is).

During the last years, I have stumbled upon another feature of the program which is still displayed with such a low resolution and is therefore an "unpleasantness" (and also impedes working). It is the "Enhanced Character Palette" which you reach via the feature "Insert > Glyp...". If you click on the first button "Show/Hide Enhanced Palette", the glyphs in this Enhanced Character Palette are displayed in a low resolution and, therefore, in a pixeled way.

The low resolution does not only look unpleasant, it also impedes the work with the palette, as the glyphs are hard to recognize and partly hard to differentiate.
I therefore suggest and ask you to solve this issue.
TagsEnhanced Character Palette, Glyphs


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