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0016885ScribusScripterpublic2023-05-29 18:56
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Product Version1.5.8 
Fixed in Version1.6.0.svn 
Summary0016885: Pdf export by python scripter embeds fonts which should be subsetted
DescriptionExport using CLI and python script don't embed fonts used in sla.
Character using a downloaded font don't appear on the generated pdf.

Expect : Font to be embeded in pdf like when I export manually in scribus (File->Export->PDF/save). Scribus in the export windows find automaticly which font are to embed and subset

Solution I used instead :
1. export in pdf manually in scribus and save sla. Subset font infos are saved in SLA (e.g. <Subset Name="emoji Regular"/>) . Thanks to that, CLI export works.
2. insert manually font name to be subset in python export script. => e.g. "pdf.subsetList = ["emoji Regular"]" before "" in "to-pdf-py" file. Problem : pdf.subsetList is not document and pdf.fonts is not enough documented.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install emoji ttf font : (or other font)
2. Create a new scribus file.
3. In a text box insert die � (U+1F3B2) unicode character using ttf emoji font and save it. (or other charachter)
4. Run : scribus -g -py -- file.sla
5. open the created pdf and notice that the character is missing.

Additional Informationpdf.subsetList :

import os
import scribus

if scribus.haveDoc() :
    filename = os.path.splitext(scribus.getDocName())[0]
    pdf = scribus.PDFfile()
    pdf.file = filename+".pdf"
else :
    print("No file open")
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2023-01-06 23:52

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Discused here,4468.0.html


2023-01-07 21:21

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Well in fact, the problem is not that Scribus does not embed fonts. In fact in this case the problem is that Scribus does fully embed emoji font instead of subsetting it. The emoji fonts has an incomplete PostScript glyph names table and that case should trigger font subsetting. This is what happens normally when going through PDF export dialog.

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